Our Professional Drive

Our approach

Our approach

An open mind and a desire to please

Strive for excellence at all stages of production”, could be the motto of our team, whose skills and interlocking knowledge contribute to producing quality wines.

The work that the team carries out, respects natural growth cycles and is based on intimate knowledge of the individual requirements of each soil-type in the vineyard.
This is a people-sized estate, where customers are naturally welcomed as the everyday work in the vines goes on around them, depending on the season.

Professional partners

Technical innovation and wine quality

Virginie Tinon pursues this rationale of openness by developing existing professional and human relationships with the aim of positioning Vignoble Tinon as a stakeholder in technical innovation.

She uses her professional network to try out new techniques, together with other vineyards in the area, feeding back field observations in order to fuel quality improvements.

The local office in Cadillac of the Chamber of Agriculture’s Oenological and Vine and Wine Technician’s Centre is a frequent partner of Vignoble Tinon.

Professional partners

The family and the team

The family and the team

A thrilling human adventure

The team is made up of 5 people, who are closely knit by a shared keenness for innovation, open minds and strong motivation to achieve quality.

Unlike the way the majority of estates are run, Vignoble Tinon relies on having a relatively large workforce available, because the work carried out in the vines benefits more from manual skills than from advantages of any mechanised systems.

The hardest work for this team is at harvest time, which lasts from 5 to 7 weeks. As the botrytis develops progressively, harvesting has to be manual and spread over a period of weeks.

The red grapes are also picked by hand. Throughout the growth cycle, they receive the same meticulous care and attention as the white grapes, which are grown to obtain the overripe fruit that is for sweet white wine production.

The family and family friends contribute their encouragement and sometimes a little help.

These unique, intense times are coordinated by Virginie Tinon and vice manager Loic Cazenabe, who is also in charge of wine making.